Fine New and Used Instruments for Sale

I currently have the following instruments ready for sale. Unless otherwise noted all instruments are set-up, adjusted, fixed, repaired, restored, and completely ready to play. Call or e-mail me to arrange to try them out .

Recording King Parlor Guitar New Recording King Parlor Guitars Honey Creek Mandolin New "The Loar" Honey Creek Mandolin
Regal Tenor Guitar Regal Tenor Guitar, 1950s-60s New Recording King New Recording King "Dirty Thirties" Orchestra Model Guitar
“The Peach” Soprano Ukulele Bruno "The Peach" Soporano Ukulele, c.1940
Stewball 12-string
"Stewball" 12-string Guitar by Stewart Port, 2005
Uke Regal Ukulele, c.1950
Lauta Lauta (guitar-bodied oud) by Stewart Port, 2005

"Star" brand Soprano Ukulele, Japan c.1950.
Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Guitar by Stewart Port, 2001
Oscar Schmidt Autoharps, Various.
Tenor Banjo
Fancy Tenor Banjo, prob. Regal, c.1950
Mbira by Daniel Randolph
Mbira by Daniel Randolph, 2004

Martin 0-17, 1932
Gibson LG-2, 1946-7
Gibson "Carson J. Robeson", 1930s
Martin 0-21, 1923
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