Fine New and Used Instruments for Sale

I currently have the following instruments ready for sale. Unless otherwise noted all instruments are set-up, adjusted, fixed, repaired, restored, and completely ready to play. Call or e-mail me to arrange to try them out .

Makini Ukulele Makini Soprano Ukulele, c.1935 Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Guitar by Stewart Port, 2001
Montano "Montano" Soprano Uke "Occupied Japan" c.1950
Lauta Lauta (guitar-bodied oud) by Stewart Port, 2005
Stewball 12-string
"Stewball" 12-string Guitar by Stewart Port, 2005
Tenor Banjo
Fancy Tenor Banjo, prob. Regal, c.1950
Uke Regal Ukulele, c.1950
Mbira by Daniel Randolph
Mbira by Daniel Randolph, 2004

Martin 0-17, 1932
Gibson LG-2, 1946-7
Gibson "Carson J. Robeson", 1930s
Martin 0-21, 1923
Oscar Schmidt 12 Bar Autoharps, Various.

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