Fine New and Used Instruments We've Already Sold

A list of instruments sold by us.

1948 D-18 Martin D-18, 1948 D-28, 1973 Martin D-28, 1973
Eastman VB95 Eastman VB95 3/4 Double Bass, 2012
Bruno Mandocello, c.1930–1940 Bruno Mandocello, c.1930–1940
D-28, 1975 Martin D-28, 1975
00-17, 1952 Martin 00-17, 1953
1-17 Martin 1-17; 1912 Cello Banjo Gold Tone CEB-5 Cello Banjo, 2012
Gibson L-1 Guitar Gibson L-1 Guitar, c.1916
DM-25 Amp Danelectro DM-25 Tube Amp, c.1960
African Kora
African Student Kora Martin Style Martin Style "0" Soprano Uke, c. 1950
Gibson A-2 Mandolin Gibson A-2 Mandolin, 1919
Kay Mandolin Kay "Kaycraft" style Mandolin
0-16, 1973 Martin 0-16 NY, 1973
Island Style Soprano Ukulele, c.1920s
Goya Guitar Goya Classical Guitar, c.1959
Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Guitar by Stephen Faulk, 2010
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